How To Get Victory Tentena

From Poso

- Public transport (Bemo or Kijang) everyday except Sunday from Poso to Tentena (± 2 hours). This Bemo or Kijang go from Tentena to Poso in the morning and will return from Poso to Tentena around 1pm. There is also bus from Bus Terminal in Poso leave around 9am or 10am.

- Charter car from Poso to Tentena (± 1,5 - 2 hours).

From Ampana

- Public transport (Bemo, Minibus or Kijang) everyday from Ampana to Poso, and switch transport from Poso to Tentena. When you start from Ampana to Poso in the morning, better to take this option, you can get the connection in Poso easy because arrive not too late.

- Charter car from Ampana to Tentena (± 5 hours).

From Palu

- Public transport (Minibus or Kijang) everyday from Palu to Tentena (± 9 hours),leave around 10am.

- Charter car from Palu to Tentena (± 7 hours).

From Rantepao

- There is Bus from 3 different company (Ketty or Rappan Maranu or Batutumonga) everyday from Rantepao to Tentena (± 13-15 hours), leave at 8am or 9am.

- Charter car from Rantepao to Tentena (± 10-11 hours).

From Makassar

- Borlindo Bus leave everyday from Makassar to Tentena (± 19-20 hours), leave around 6pm.

- Flight From Makassar to Poso and take Taxi from Airport to Tentena or Public Transport (from Airport to Bus Station Poso and after to Tentena). But with this option, for this time the airline company not available. Hopefully it will operate soon.

Noted: info update March-2024