How To Get Victory Hotel Tentena

From Poso

- Public transport (Bemo or Kijang) everyday except Sunday from Poso to Tentena (± 2 hours).

- Charter car from Poso to Tentena (± 1,5 - 2 hours).

From Ampana

- Public transport (Bemo, Minibus or Kijang) everyday from Ampana to Poso, and switch transport from Poso to Tentena.

- Charter car from Ampana to Tentena (± 5 hours).

From Palu

- Public transport (Minibus or Kijang) everyday from Palu to Tentena (± 8 hours).

- Charter car from Palu to Tentena (± 7 hours).

From Rantepao

- Bus (Katty & Rappan Maranu) everyday from Rantepao to Tentena (± 12-13 hours) leave at 8am or 9am. There is also new Bus available, the name Batutumonga.

- Charter car from Rantepao to Tentena (± 10-11 hours).

From Makassar

- Litha Bus (4 times a week) from Makassar to Tentena.

- Flight From Makassar to Poso and take Taxi from Airport to Tentena or Public Transport (from Airport to Bus Station Poso and after to Tentena).

Note: info update March-2018